Q: What is the basic idea behind the Volunteer Incentives Program?

A: Basically, volunteers who enter the VIP receive discounts and rewards in exchange for volunteering a certain number of hours within their communities. 25% of the value of the discount is then donated to Doctors Without Borders in order to support their life-saving work all over the world.

Q: Do I have to volunteer a minimum number of hours in order to qualify?

A: Only if you want to earn certain rewards. There are free gifts that are available just for signing up to the VIP, but more substantial discounts are available to volunteers who have completed a greater number of hours. Consult the Volunteer Incentives Catalog for more information about how many hours are required in order to earn specific rewards and discounts.

Q: How do I track my hours? Where do I send them?

A: We operate on the honor system, and we trust volunteers to accurately track their own hours and submit them to us.

We use GozAround.com for our tracking system, and you can access the site HERE. When you sign in to GozAround, you are directed to our VIP page, where you upload your volunteer hours on your own.

Again, we’re trusting you to do the right thing and only submit hours where you actually volunteered for a worthy cause.

Q: How do I collect my discounts?

A: Discounts are redeemed at point of sale. So when you have decided to purchase a product offered by one of the VIP’s sponsors, you will have the value of the discount deducted from the purchase price by them. They will also keep the 25% of the discount that will then be donated to Doctors Without Borders.

Q: Do I have to pay anything to join the VIP?

A: No, never. There is absolutely NO cost whatsoever for joining, you will NEVER be asked to pay anything, and the only thing that we require you to do is to track your own hours through GozAround.

Q: How many businesses are currently offering discounts?

A: The  VIP is in its infancy, but we have a few businesses so far that are offering discounts to registered volunteers. The current number is around 10.

Information about what they have to offer to volunteers and what kind of discounts are available can be found in the Volunteer Incentives Catalog. As always, if you are a business owner, or know a business owner, or even if you have a suggestion for a larger business we should contact directly, please let us know and we will see if it’s feasible to add them to the VIP.

You can remind them that being a part of the VIP will send more customers their way and will be GREAT for their bottom line.

Q: Can I invite my friends?

A: Absolutely! We wouldn’t want you to keep this amazing program all to yourself!

While we don’t currently have a specific mechanism in place for referrals, we are currently offering 50 (FIFTY!!!) credit hours for each friend that you get to sign up for the VIP.

For example, if you convince 8 of your friends to join the VIP, that’s 400 credit hours that you can use for all sorts of discounts on products and services that you’d otherwise pay full price for.

Just have each friend send an email to mattkaramazov@gmail.com and tell Matt that they have signed up for the VIP because of you. Shortly thereafter, we’ll make sure that you receive your credit hours!

Q: Where does the money go?

A: The VIP doesn’t make ANY money whatsoever. It is completely non-profit, and all program expenses are covered by Matt Karamazov himself.

When you receive your discount, 75% of the discount is yours to keep. The other 25% is donated to Doctors Without Borders to fund their life-saving work all over the world.

Q: What is Doctors Without Borders?

A: Doctors Without Borders is an international humanitarian relief organization. It received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1996 for its work globally on behalf of the poor and disenfranchised.

Doctors Without Borders (or MSF in French) never discriminates on the basis of race, religion, nationality, etc and its sole purpose is to provide essential medical care and food aid to those suffering through natural disasters or war.

Doctors and nurses from all over the world give up their day jobs and volunteer their valuable services to those in need and the Volunteer Incentives Program is proud to honor their sacrifice and help to fund their efforts.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of discounts I can claim per month?

A: No way! You can claim as many discounts as you’d like, and your volunteer credit hours never, ever expire.

Q: What if there is a business that I want to buy from that’s not listed?

A: Please, let us know! We know that there are volunteers who would love to join the VIP but who just haven’t heard about us yet, just like we know that there are businesses that would gladly offer discounts and rewards to volunteers but have simply not been approached.

Help us bridge that gap by emailing mattkaramazov@gmail.com and letting Matt know which business(es) you would like to see listed!

You will receive 50 (FIFTY!!!) volunteer credit hours if the business or entrepreneur you suggest ends up sponsoring the VIP.

Q: How can I involve the charity I already work for?

A: If there’s a charity that you work for / volunteer for that you think would be interested in supporting, and being supported by, the VIP, then please let us know!

If you volunteer for another organization and would rather your donation go to them, then that can  be arranged! As it stands right now, 25% of every discount you receive from the VIP is donated to Doctors Without Borders.

But if there’s another organization you feel more strongly about, then we can arrange it so that your donation goes to them instead!

As well, there are many, MANY opportunities to promote your charity to other volunteers enrolled in the VIP, as well as to potential volunteers and donors all over the world. We have thrown our support behind Doctors Without Borders, but we want to see other charities meet their objectives as well!

You can send an email to mattkaramazov@gmail.com and Matt will work on integrating your charity with the VIP.

Q: How big is the VIP?

A: As of June 2017, the VIP has 12 volunteers enrolled and 10 businesses that are offering discounts to volunteers.

Obviously, we hope that number will grow exponentially in the coming months and years.

Doctors Without Borders is the main charity that we support, but we are looking at opening the possibility for volunteers to donate to other charities as they would prefer.

To date, 0 discounts have been claimed, totalling $0.00, and since 25% of that amount is donated to Doctors Without Borders, $0.00 has been raised for them so far.

Q: What are the long-term goals of the VIP?

A: The VIP will continue to exist as long as there are people who need its help. We hope to enroll millions of volunteers into our program, have them save billions of dollars on products and services globally, and donate an obscene amount of money to Doctors Without Borders that will help them save lives all over the world.

We figure that 1,000,000 volunteers saving just $50/month on things they’d buy anyway, will be able to donate $150,000,000(!!!!!) annually to Doctors Without Borders.

Seeing as though there are tens of millions of volunteers in North America alone, and that volunteers could EASILY save much more than $50/month, the possibilities are endless for the VIP and we could easily end up donating BILLIONS of dollars toward assisting the world’s  poorest people.

Q: Where can I find further information?

A: Almost everything you need to know is available on our website, and we have several published materials on our resources page that will tell you about the program, the discounts available to volunteers, how you can get started, etc.

If there’s a question you don’t find answered somewhere here, or online, you can contact us via the contact page, or email mattkaramazov@gmail.com and speak to Matt Karamazov directly.

Q: Can my business take part?

A: Absolutely! We are currently looking for more businesses that would be willing to offer discounts/rewards to volunteers in exchange for them working a certain number of hours within the community.

You will receive free ad space in our volunteer catalog, special mentions, etc. There will be numerous other opportunities for you to market directly to volunteers and you can expect new customers being referred to you within days.

If interested, please email mattkaramazov@gmail.com and Matt will go over the various ways in which your business can become involved.

Q: Can I give more to Doctors Without Borders?

A: Duh! Whatever the VIP raises for Doctors Without Borders, sadly, it probably won’t be enough to meet the urgent needs of their operations. So yes, we strongly, STRONGLY urge to give as much as you can to this phenomenal organization! You can access their donations page directly by clicking here.

Q: Can I donate to a different charity?

A: Yes. We recognize that not everyone will feel as strongly about Doctors Without Borders as we do. Maybe cancer research is more your thing; or heart disease; or education. No problem! Simply let us know on our contact page that you wish for your donations to go to a different charity, and we will work with you to set that up. We will absolutely do that for you.

Q: What if my question isn’t listed here?

A: If there’s anything we haven’t answered (highly likely), then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can email us via the contact form, or email Matt Karamazov directly at mattkaramazov@gmail.com, and he will get back to you personally. Thanks for your interest!