WHEN WE LAUNCH: As soon as we have 100+ sponsors offering rewards


What is the VIP all about?

The Volunteer Incentives Program seeks to encourage more people to volunteer (and to thank existing volunteers) by convincing businesses to offer gifts/discounts just for tracking the hours that they spend volunteering.

Importantly, there’s no way for the VIP to make money. We’re completely not-for-profit.

Volunteers don’t need to pay anything to join, it doesn’t cost the businesses anything to join, and the Volunteer Incentives Program never makes any money. Selflessness is the highest virtue here. We made the VIP into something completely and totally altruistic; a program that aligns the interests of everyone in our communities and ensures that we all come out ahead.

We’ve even used our platform as a way to raise a substantial amount of money for Doctors Without Borders.

You can read the full FAQ here, but…

Here’s an example “back of the napkin” breakdown:

1) Volunteer “V” does 10 hrs of community service in January for a cause of his or her choosing.

2) Business owner “B” says ‘thank you’ by offering a 50% discount on one of his products, priced at say, $100.

3) “V” is grateful to receive a discount on a product that “V” wanted to buy in the first place.

4) “B” is able to reach a customer base that might never have heard about “B” otherwise, and, although “V” is in the market for “B’s” products anyways, “V” never would have heard about the discount without the VIP.

5) 25% of the discount ($12.50 in the example above) is donated by the volunteer at point of sale to Doctors Without Borders.

6) “V” saves money by doing the volunteer work that “V” was doing anyway.

7) “B” gains a customer that “B” never would have had without the VIP.

8) Doctors Without Borders receives thousands of dollars to fund their programs, which end up saving countless lives all over the world.

9) Our communities at home are stronger because of a group of dedicated and well-supported volunteers doing good work for good causes.


Our Vision:

What are we here for if not to make life a little less difficult for each other?

The fact is that there are over 60 million volunteers in the United States and Canada alone, not to mention those in every other country on the face of the earth.

If the Volunteer Incentives Program was to recruit just 30,000 volunteers, and they went on to save just $50 per month on the products and services that they were going to buy anyway, they would save a total of $18 million annually.

Not only that, but 25% of THAT amount being donated to Doctors Without Borders comes to $4.5 MILLION DOLLARS being donated EVERY SINGLE YEAR.

Can you imagine what we could do if we were to recuit a million volunteers? Fifty million?

Together, we can literally save human lives. That’s our vision.

If that sounds like something that you want to be a part of, click HERE.